Cheryl Brassfield has been obsessed with skin and skin care since she was a little girl.  She’s always been curious as to why skin reacts the way it does to
different stimuli. After a successful 29 year career in the field of real
estate, she decided to follow her passion and began a new and even more flourishing adventure in the world of esthetics and massage.

Paired with Cheryl’s fascination with skincare is her strong dedication to constantly continue her education in order to provide the most effective remedies for her clients’ needs.  Cheryl received her clinical training under the tutelage of Laura Cooksey who gleaned all her expertise from James E Fulton, Jr. a researcher, cosmetic surgeon, dermatologist, founder of the Acne Research Institute, and developer of skin care products for some of leading pharmaceutical companies including Retin-A.  Laura Cooksey has successfully treated hundreds of acne clients.  Under the expert tutelage of Dr. Randolph Clarke, Cheryl was educated in different skin ailments, cause, effect and proper treatment of severe acne, hyper-pigmentation, Melasma, rosacea, loss of elasticity due to aging and sun damage, fine lines and wrinkles.  Cheryl has trained with and worked for the acclaimed Burke Williams Day Spay in Danville and Santana Row, San Jose.

It is Cheryl’s innate compassion and sensitivity to the needs of her clients that has led to her top rating in the field of esthetics.  During her extensive training and the intensive care she gave to her father as he was enduring a battle with cancer treatments that adversely affected his skin, she realized her true calling in the field  The emotional and physical toll coping with cancer treatments places upon a patient is daunting and ca be very demoralizing.  Cheryl has the ability to assess the needs of her clients in both areas to provide an invaluable service that not only eases the physical process, but boots patient confidence as well.  In healing these conditions she is very conscientious about the integrity of the products she uses and recommends.

Cheryl became aware that her patients with severe acne were experiencing many of the same emotional challenges as her oncology clients.  Her instinctive ability to read the needs of her clients and make them feel instantly at ease in her presence has allowed her to follow another passion to heal the acne and the soul together.  She is one of  kind in her field and a highly sought after practitioner.